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Nano Radio Site

The Nano Radio Site is designed to provide a complete site solution in a compact, lightweight unit, offering the highest level of protection with the lowest completed cost.

The fully integrated nano radio site is appropriate for difficult-to-reach areas and situations where restricted range technology results in coverage gaps. Two people can easily deliver and deploy the nano cabinet shielded enclosure.

The lightweight all-aluminum welded uni-body design allows the nano radio site to be deployed by ATV, pickup truck, or helicopter to a wide range of locations. The nano cabinet shielded enclosure requires no foundation or excavation, which eliminates the need for geotechnical, environmental impact, and archeological studies. Like all other Pepro shielded enclosures, the Nano Radio Site provides shielding against lightning, Radio Frequency Interface (RFI), and Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) through the use of Faraday Cage Technology.

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Nano Radio Site - Nano Cabinet Shielded Enclosure

Nano Radio Site Features and Options

• Fully welded 6061 Aluminum extrusion ensures structural integrity
• Front and Rear 5052 Aluminum Access doors
• Hinged or Lift-Off doors
• No exposed fasteners for complete security
• UV-resistant powder coat
• Built-in lift handles
• Available in 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 RU configurations

Power Options
• Filter and Surge Protection
• Solar Panels
• DC
• AC (Utility Power)
• 12, 24, or 48V DC with breakers
• 120 or 240 VAC with breakers
• Wind turbine Grounding
• Copper grounding bar inside for equipment
• Pass through ground bar for cabinet

Battery Backup
• 84 Ah capacity (standard)
• Requires solar charge controller Cooling (optional)
• Internal fan, filter, and louver
• External fan and shroud assembly
• Sun shield

Optional Equipment
• Various Solar Panel Mounts
• Pole / Tower / Wall Mounts
• Wheels
• Stacking Feet
• Pedestal Feet
• Rack Slide Rails
• Lifting Lug
• Solar Panel Mounts



PEPRO Patented faraday cage technology provides protection against:

70dB Rating from 20MHz to 3.29GHz

Over 1M volt, 87,000 amp direct strike on enclosure with less than 10 microjoules of penetration

50dB Magnetic Field

Nano Vault Shielded Enclosure

Pepro's Tactical Nano Vault series is designed to provide maximum security for sensitive gear from EMP, RFI, and High Impact Events. Store any sensitive primary or backup equipment in our Nano Vault Shielded Enclosures.

Communications Equipment & Power Systems Protection

Nano Transmit Vault

Nano Radio Site - Nano Cabinet Shielded Enclosure

Nano Impact Vault

Nano Vault Shielded Enclosure Sizes

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Dimensions26 3/4"W x 18"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 26 3/4"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 35 1/2"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 44 1/4"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 53"H x 31"L

All above are also available in a 41" L.

Nano Enclosure Options and Features Include:

Transmit Vault
• Shock Mounted Rails
(19” 260lb payload)
• Battery trays available
• Slide out rack available

Impact Vault
• Custom Cut Foam
• Foam Density Options
• Laminate Face Color Options
• Laser Etched Labeling

Optional Equipment
• Pedestal
• Stacking Feet
• Wheels
• Tow Handle
• Battery Trays
• Slide Out Rack
• Level 4 Bulletproof plates

Reliable & Protected Communications

Patented Shelter & Tower Technology

Any Environment, Any Terrain

Customization & Fast Installation Available

off-grid remote power

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