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Nano Radio Site

The Nano Radio Site is designed to provide a complete site solution in a compact, lightweight unit, offering the highest level of protection with the lowest completed cost.

The fully-integrated nano radio site is ideal for hard-to-reach locations and situations where limited range technology leaves coverage gaps. The nano radio site can easily be delivered and deployed by two people.

The lightweight all-aluminum welded uni-body design allows the nano radio site to be deployed by ATV, pickup truck, or helicopter to a wide range of locations. The nano shielded enclosure cabinet requires no foundation or excavation, which eliminates the need for geotechnical, environmental impact, and archeological studies. Like all other Pepro shielded enclosures, the Nano Radio Site provides shielding against lightning, Radio Frequency Interface (RFI), and Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) through the use of Faraday Cage Technology.

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Nano Radio Site - Nano Cabinet Shielded Enclosure

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Dimensions26 3/4"W x 18"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 26 3/4"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 35 1/2"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 44 1/4"H x 31"L26 3/4"W x 53"H x 31"L

All above are also available in a 41" L.

Accessories Include:

  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • Solar Panel Mounts
  • Lifting lug
  • Pole/Wall Mounts
  • Base frame and Tower structure with grounding pads and hydraulically raised tower (up to 20') to make a complete site.

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Any Environment, Any Terrain

Customization & Fast Installation Available

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