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Compact Low Profile (CLP) Shielded Cabinets

All Pepro compact low-profile outdoor cabinets use a patented Faraday Cage design to ensure that communications are not interrupted by Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM), lightning strikes, or transient voltage.

Pepro cabinets can be networked to handle your equipment loads. Each compact low profile shielded cabinet includes 19" adjustable equipment racks, front and rear access doors, cable trays, and MGB. Each cabinet bay includes a 20 amp, six-outlet power strip with each receptacle on its own circuit. All shielded cabinets include HVAC, a 100 amp load center, a transfer switch, and a shore power receptacle.

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Compact Low Profile CLP Shielded Outdoor Cabinets & Faraday Cages

PEPRO Patented faraday cage technology provides protection against:

70dB Rating from 20MHz to 3.29GHz

Over 1M volt, 87,000 amp direct strike on enclosure with less than 10 microjoules of penetration

50dB Magnetic Field

CLP Cabinets

Specifications 1-Bay CLP 2-Bay CLP 3-Bay CLP 4-Bay CLP
Dimensions 46”W x 88.5”L x 63”H 46”W x 199”L x 63”H 46’W x 158”L x 63H 46”W x 189”L x 63H
Weight 1,750 2,100 2,500 2,900
Cable Entry Ports 11 11 11 11
Racks 2 3 4 5
Total RU's 54 81 108 135
Receptacles (20 amp) 6/Bay 6/Bay 6/Bay 6/Bay
Air Conditioning 14,000 BTU (2) 14,000 BTU (2) 14,000 BTU (2) 17,000 BTU
Floor Load (lbs/sq. ft) 400 400 400 400
Roof Load (lbs/sq. ft) 200 200 200 200
Anchoring Ufer Ground/Slab Ufer Ground/Slab Ufer Ground/Slab Ufer Ground/Slab


*Other sizes and configurations available


Grounding Included With Each Shelter
Pepro’s Faraday Cage Design Corner Lifting Lugs
EGB Pass Thru At Power Entry Location Insulation and FRP Paneling
R56 Compliant Adjustable 19” Racks
Ufer Ground Pads if Needed Installation Instructions

Reliable & Protected Communications

Patented Shelter & Tower Technology

Any Environment, Any Terrain

Customization & Fast Installation Available

off-grid remote power

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