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Commander Series Mobile Radio Sites

Pepro Commander® Series mobile radio site communications system fully integrated mobile radio sites include a secure shielded communication shelter/enclosure, unguyed articulated tower, generator, and trailer.

Our Commander® Series mobile radio site and communications system offers two different sizes of mobile radio sites to meet your agency’s needs, the SMRS-650LP and DDGN-950. More information below.

The Commander Units are leveled by a four-point hydraulic leveling system. The articulated tower design allows for vertical separation of antennas, permanent attachment of custom antenna cable harness, and requires no guy wires. The tower is raised hydraulically in as little as three minutes. Commanders come with a redundant HVAC system that is controlled by an integrated thermostat and lead/lag system to ensure all personnel and equipment are protected from external weather conditions.

Each secure mobile Commander® site offers rapid deployment to restore mission-critical communication.

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Commander Series Mobile Radio Site & Communication System

PEPRO Patented faraday cage technology provides protection against:

70dB Rating from
20MHz to 3.29GHz

Over 1M volt, 87,000 amp direct strike on enclosure with less than 10 microjoules of penetration

50dB Magnetic Field

Pepro Commander® Standard Specifications

General SMRS-650LP DDGN-950
Enclosure Bays 3 4
Available Rack Space 108 RU 135 RU
Cable Entry Glands 2 2
Tower Height 60' Hydraulic 90' Hydraulic
Air Conditioner 2 - 14,000 BTU 2 - 17,000 BTU
Trailer SMRS-650LP SMRS-950
Length 21' 27'
Axle Tandem Tri-axle
Leveling Jacks (4)lbs. 12,000 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Wheel Brakes Electric Electric
Spare Tire Included Included
GVWR 18,400 25,990
Generator SMRS-650LP SMRS-950
Diesel Powered 12kW 20kW
Tank Capacity 100 Gal. 140 Gal.
Run Time 4-5 Days 4-5 Days
Commander Series Mobile Radio Site & Communication System


Filtered Power Box shown with
optional Automatic Transfer
Switch. (WMRS Shown)

Commander Series Mobile Radio Site & Communication System


Finished interior with Power
Distribution Center and ground
bar. (WMRS Shown)

Commander Series Mobile Radio Site & Communication System


Integrated Generator, Fuel Tank
and redundant HVAC units.
(WMRS Shown)

Reliable & Protected Communications

Patented Shelter & Tower Technology

Any Environment, Any Terrain

Customization & Fast Installation Available

off-grid remote power

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