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Test Results

Effectiveness of Pepro's technology is demonstrated in the results of independent testing.

Lightning Technologies, Inc. of Pittsfield, Massachusetts reports:

  • A direct lightning test put 1 Million Volts and 80,000 Amps directly onto the enclosure with only 10 microjoules penetrating the enclosure’s interior.
  • Verified a 40db shielding effectiveness rating for stray EMI.
  • Most Recent Tests: February 2011
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PEPRO Product Testing & Patents

National Technical Systems of Boxborough, Massachusetts:

  • Shielding effectiveness rating for the enclosure of 70 db from frequencies of 20 megahertz to 3.29 gigahertz. (1) This capability to dissipate charges through eddy currents greatly enhances the ability to ground the structure. A well-designed enclosure can handle transient charges or currents like lightning through the rise in earth potential, without the need for an optimal ground.
  • (1) The use of decibels is commonly associated with sound level, the ratio of sound strength to a reference value. The concept is also useful in measuring the relative strength of electro-magnetic phenomena such EMI and RFI. The calculation is A (attenuation in db) = 20 log (V/V’), where V is the voltage of the initial current applied or EMI and V’ is the residual current or EMI. Thus, a 70db reduction in an EMI current represents a reduction in voltage of the EMI current of approximately 3162:1. A 40db reduction represents a ratio of initial to residual voltage of approximately 100:1.

Keystone Compliance of New Castle, Pennsylvania:

  • Shielding effectiveness (SE) testing for the PEPRO CLP Micro Site was done in accordance with MIL-STD-188-125-1. Tests were performed on all sides of the enclosure to ensure that all ingress & egress points are accounted for in the overall shielding effectiveness of the enclosure. Magnetic Field SE resulted with an average 50dB reduction from 10kHz to 20MHz. Electric Field SE resulted with an average 70dB reduction from 20MHz to 200MHz & 70dbB reduction from 200MHz to 1GHz.

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