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Faraday Cage Solutions

The cornerstone of Pepro’s patented enclosure technology is the principal of the Faraday Cage, which offers protection from lightning strikes, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The use of Pepro’s technology also lessens the effects of Passive Inter-modulation (PIM) when all equipment is installed and maintained properly.

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PEPRO Patented faraday cage technology provides protection against:

70dB Rating from
20MHz to 3.29GHz

Over 1M volt, 87,000 amp direct strike on enclosure with less than 10 microjoules of penetration

50dB Magnetic Field

Reliable & Protected Communications

Patented Shelter & Tower Technology

Any Environment, Any Terrain

Customization & Fast Installation Available

Every enclosure Pepro manufactures, whether a cabinet or a walk-in shelter, is a Faraday cage solution.

A Faraday cage (shield) can be described as an enclosure created by conducting materials that block external electric fields (both static and non-static).

This shielding can be used to protect different kinds of electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges, and they can protect the interior from electromagnetic radiation coming from the outside.


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