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Communications Equipment Protection

Pepro's communications equipment & power systems protection maximize the ability of digital communications systems to operate in difficult environments.

  • Pepro communications equipment protection enclosures are designed to dissipate any charge while it is resident on the outermost surface.
  • Any current, charge, or interference (e.g. lightning, RFI, EMI, etc.) is confined to areas that will not affect the sensitive, communications equipment inside.

Pepro has developed all other technology and designs from this cornerstone.

  • All components build upon the concept of dissipating the charge in the Faraday Cage system.
  • Each component offers further preventative measures to keep the charge from entering the enclosure, to provide maximum effectiveness.
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Faraday Cage Solutions & Lightning Protection Shielded Enclosures

Communications Tower Ground Pads & Ballast Plate System

Industry-leading Ufer grounding pads, also known as Ufer grounds, are included on many PEPRO structures and shelters. They are a standard option on Walk-In Shelters larger than 6'x6', Micro Sites, Nano Sites, Platform Towers, and more. Every shelter and cabinet with an attached tower includes Ufer ground pads that complete the faraday cage system allowing towers to take the brunt of a lightning strike without compromising the tower, structure, or any equipment functionality. Aligning with our low environmental impact installations, these pads serve as a base for towers, require minimal preparation for deployment, and leave no permanent effects after deployment.

Within the concrete pads there are nearly 16 feet of iron rebar that not only reinforce each pad but also act as a grounding electrode to complete the faraday cage system allowing any electrostatic charges to be discharged safely into the ground away from equipment or shelters. Ufer grounding pads were invented and named after American scientist Herbert Ufer in 1942 during World War II. Ufer grounds were invented as an alternative to copper grounding rods. Ufer grounds are officially known as "Concrete Encased Electrodes" by the National Electrical Code. 

Ballast Plate System Render

Ufer grounding pads are standard on many PEPRO products. These pads provide an effective grounding mechanism for many structures and towers. 

PEPRO towers and large shelters come standard with ballast plate systems to secure and balance structures on Ufer grounding pads. 

Reliable & Protected Communications

Patented Shelter & Tower Technology

Any Environment, Any Terrain

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Cable Entry Gland System

Pepro's Cable Entry Gland System is a critical element in the enclosure design.

  • This product makes the outer surface of any cable or media entering the enclosure (where RFI, EMI, etc. currents will travel) an effective part of the enclosure.
  • Accomplished by a patented system that diverts any unwanted current.
  • Adds further protection as part of communication equipment shielded enclosures.



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