Pepro LLC

Installation Services

Some customers require completely hands-off site ordering that eliminates any risks, delays or liability resulting from handling installation with their own staff.

Pepro sites are built for easy installation and maintenance, but there are many situations that call for our expert team to provide a complete installation from getting the shelter on site to power up. In remote locations, even forgetting a single bolt can cost a day in travel time, and having qualified staff on hand when the site is ready for installation can be difficult. Our installation team is on call and fully prepared to make every installation hassle-free.

Thanks to the design of the Pepro shelter, there is no environmental impact to the radio site locations. There is no need for a poured concrete foundation that will far outlast a traditional shelter. In addition, the equipment protection in Pepro’s Faraday Cage design offers the best protection available from lightning strikes, EMI and RFI – an important consideration given the location and weather exposure of many remote and mountaintop sites.