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Pepro HCLP 600

Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Sites, Cell-on-Wheels, COWS, Site-on-Wheels, SOWS, Mobile Tower Unit

The PEPRO HCLP 600 is designed for rapid response to fill coverage gaps and restore communications after natural disasters.

The 60’ telescopic tower design allows for vertical separation of antennas, and requires no guy wires.

This totally integrated unit is manufactured using PEPRO’s Faraday Cage Technology to protect against lightning, RFI, PIM, and EMI interfering with your equipment. Our patented Faraday Cage technology maintains the integrity of your communication equipment.

  • Pepro HCLP 600 (685.41 KB)
    Cell-on-Wheels (COWS), Site-on-Wheels(Sows)

WMRS-1000 Standard Specifications

Cabinet – 48RUDeck Length – 16’-6”Diesel Powered - 5kW
Tower Height - 60'Axel - TandemCapacity - 60 Gal.
Tower Height - 95'Leveling Jacks - 12,000 lbs.Run Time - 3-4 Days
Air Conditioner – 6000 BTUBrakes - Both Axels