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Pepro Mobile Walk-In

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The Mobile Walk-In Radio Site (WMRS) is the largest mobile unit that we offer and is staged on a drop-deck goose-neck trailer. The design of this unit allows it to serve as a “master site” or a dispatch center.

The 95’ articulated tower design allows for vertical separation of antennas, permanent attachment of custom antenna cable harness, and requires no guy wires.

The 8’x 16’x 8’ walk in shelter can hold up to nine 7’ racks, dispatch desk, work bench, or a combination. Our patented Faraday Cage technology maintains the integrity of your communication equipment. It is rated at 400 lb/sq foot floor load and 200 lb/sq foot roof load.

Standard equipment on the WMRS is a 40kW generator and an automatic transfer switch. A redundant HVAC system is controlled by an integrated thermostat and lead/lag system. Folding steps make it easy to access both the front and rear of the unit.

WMRS-1000 Standard Specifications

Shelter - 8'×16'×8'Length - 32'Diesel Powered - 40kW
Rack Qty - Nine 7' RacksAxel - Tandem / DualCapacity - 140 Gal.
Tower Height - 95'Leveling Jacks - 12,000 lbs.Run Time - 3-4 Days
Air Conditioner - (2) 2.5 Ton UnitsBrakes - Both Axels 
 Spare Tire - Included 
 GVWR - 35,000