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September 2018


Did You Know?
A solar storm capable of knocking out communications on earth may come with only 24 hours notice.

In This Issue:

  • Come See Us at the Modern Day Marine Show
  • News Flash
  • Pepro HCLP-400
  • Pepro Installs 11 New Radio Sites for the USDA Forest Service

Come See Us at the Modern Day Marine Show

We're in Quantico, Virginia for the Modern Day Marine Show this week at Lejeune Field, MCB Quantico. We hope to see you there!

RCR Wireless
FCC votes on changes to small cell deployment rules

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission meets to, among other things, vote on a proposal that will streamline small cell deployment rules and, if adopted, make it easier for carriers to build out small cell sites needed to deliver on 5G.

The meet of the proposed order would:

  • Ban local regulations designed to prohibit wireless infrastructure deployment;
  • Standardize the fee structure cities can charge for reviewing small cell projects;
  • Establish a 60-day shot clock for attaching small cells to existing structures and 90 days for new builds;
  • And sets “modest guardrails on other municipal rules that may prohibit service.”

Mission Critical Communications
Government Lawyers Say FirstNet Network is Still Not Operational

Government attorneys reiterated in a court filing that the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) is not yet operational. The filing came in response to a filing from Vermont residents Dave Gram and Stephen Whitaker arguing that the government had failed to inform the court that the NPSBN was operational.

Government Technology
FirstNet Goes Local

With roughly 18,000 law enforcement agencies in existence nationwide, it’s clear the vast majority have not yet joined either FirstNet or Verizon. A key reason is that while police, sheriffs and firefighters in the same jurisdictions today may all still use different, noncompatible communications systems, emergency personnel are traditionally cautious about relinquishing devices that have been proven to work.


The HCLP-400 is a compact and low profile mobile site designed for rapid response to fill coverage gaps and restore communications after natural disasters, as well as any other situation where a rapidly deployable solution is needed. It is specifically designed to be LTE and FirstNet ready. The unit is completely self-grounded while in use, requiring no additional time or equipment for safe deployment.

The HCLP-400 stands seven feet tall when the integrated articulated tower is lowered for easy mobility. The tower can be quickly and easily raised from the ground with all antennas and equipment already attached. The full system is deployable by one person in as little as 15 minutes. As with all Pepro products, the HCLP-400 is designed for reliability and durability.

Pepro Installs 11 New Radio Sites for the USDA Forest Service

Pepro has completed the installation of 11 sites for the USDA Forest Service, including 4 fly-in sites. The Forest Service installs involved traveling over 9,000 miles. The sites were are located in eight states including Oregon (2), Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Arizona. Four additional sites will be installed for the National Park Service in October, two of which are fly in installations.

The work was accomplished in two legs from July 8 to August 8, with each installation taking less than a day to complete, often less than four hours. Pepro began offering its installation service in 2011 in response to customer demand for completely hands-off site ordering that eliminated any risks, delays or liability resulting from handling installation with their own staff.

Tell Us Your Lightning Story

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