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May 2013


Did You Know?
The Empire State Building is hit by lightning an average of 25 times a year.

In This Issue:

  • Come See Us at CTIA!
  • News Flash
  • Product Focus – The Hybrid Scout
  • Report from the Field - Abajo Peak
  • From the Sales Team

Come See Us at CTIA!

From May 21 to May 24, Pepro will be back at CTIA 2013 for the Small Site and Tower Technology Summit in Las Vegas! We’ll be showing our wireless pan and tilt system and a new hybrid radio site in booth number 2773. See you there!

Urgent Communications

Public-Safety Broadband Starts to Make Strides

"I do think we're on the knee of the curve, and I think, from here, you're going to see a lot more activity and a lot more progress in architecting the network, our outreach programs and all of the other things that we've talked about today," FirstNet Chairman Sam Ginn said during the FirstNet meeting in February.

“A normal cell site might have a cell radius of 2-3 miles,” Olbrich said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “We’re looking at extending that beyond 30 miles, up to 100 kilometers—a 62-mile range.”

Mission Critical

Realistic Expectations for Broadband

To achieve the major advances that NPSBN can offer, a number of critical challenges will eventually have to be addressed. The challenges fall into four major categories: technical issues to develop a network with capabilities the public-safety sector needs; governance issues in creating a nationwide network that requires cooperation across all states and levels of government; business issues in creating a network that can sustain ongoing operations and maintenance and pay for a significant part of the buildout; and expectations which, if not properly managed, may undercut the effort.

Mission Critical

A First-Hand Account of Sandy

Sandy made landfall in Atlantic City, about 30 miles to our south. For the first half of the storm everything held up well. We had no disruptions in service, and I thought we had dodged another bullet. But after the storm passed and the winds shifted, we became inundated with water. The water from the storm surge took out the electric and phone utilities, and our communications were severely limited.

Product Focus – the Hybrid Scout

The Hybrid Scout is a highly configurable mobile radio tower site that runs on hybrid power, allowing extended up-time in extreme conditions. In a common configuration, the Hybrid Scout -- including a trailer, fully equipped enclosure in 54 rack units, a 45 foot tower, hybrid power and shore power connection – the site will run for more that 30 days without any maintenance. It can be put into service by one person in well under an hour, without specialized training. The shelter’s patented Faraday Cage construction also protects the enclosed equipment from threats including lightning strikes, radio frequency interference, electro-magnetic interference and passive intermodulation.

Report from the Field - Abajo Peak

Abajo Peak is the highest point in the Abajo Mountains. Located in southeast Utah, this isolated mountain group rises prominently above the town of Monticello, and is an oasis of greenery in the Utah desert. The summit provides a panoramic view of southeastern Utah, Colorado, and the Four Corners region where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico meet.

Because of its unique features and surrounding topography, it makes for a very valuable tower location, and hosts several towers at its peak. The tower site used by several agencies for public safety communications was condemned following a RI CASHE audit, and was in desperate and immediate need of an upgrade. Further, it was cost prohibitive to build a new site on the same footprint of the existing structure. Finally, this site being on US Forest Service land, aesthetics were a primary concern. The public, including many who used the mountain for hiking and climbing, would have the right to review the plans, and were very protective of the natural beauty the peak provides.

Pepro’s tower site enclosure provided the central piece of the plan that made a site upgrade possible. Two Pepro fixed site enclosures were specially equipped to work as one Faraday cage-protected shelter that required no new grounding. The site could sit on a cement base with no permanent environmental impact. The tight geological features of the location were no match for the crane-installed shelters, and thanks to Pepro’s uniquely camouflaged clay color – now a standard color for tower shelters on Forest Service land – the site isn’t even visible from the access road, never mind the trails and mountain faces used by the public.

Pepro is an important part of several successful site upgrades across the country, but in few locations was Pepro more important to getting the upgrade done on time and on budget.

From the Sales Team - Five Tips for Selling to Budget Conscious Teams

Today now more than ever, even in traditionally spend-free public safety, everyone is budget conscious. It does not matter if it is the National Director of Emergency Response at FEMA or your mother shopping for groceries, people in business today are trying to stretch their limited capital funds to make the 'best bang for the buck' purchase decisions. It takes a well-crafted strategy, a product rich in features and a solution that fills a need or solves a problem to win over those that can’t see the larger picture. Here are 5 tips we at Pepro use to win over those keeping a close eye on the budget:

1. Do your homework. This means that you need to truly understand the variant needs. We do this by listening, rather than talking; which means asking the right questions to help better understand the issue. Are there grounding problems? Environmental issues? Lightning strikes? Do you have remote site needs such as difficult terrains, or trip-to-site avoidance?

Following a site designs strategy that includes Pepro solves several problems and eliminates many other costs.

Understanding the full range of problems that need to be solved will help you explain the full benefit of going Pepro.

*2. Help them understand the Value Proposition and the total cost of installation. *There are many technical strengths that sets Pepro apart, such as the Faraday cage, self grounding, un-guyed solutions, vertical separation of Tx/Rx, articulated & folded mast technology, and so on. The configuration is an entire solution.

This is not a generator or shelter sale -- it’s a system solution solving a customer site design need.

Make sure you communicate that significant engineering goes into each of our solutions: SOWs, Fixed Sites and accessories. Robustness is another key value proposition. Our solutions are built to stringent Public Safety and Motorola R56 Standards, significantly better than any competition in the market. All of this translates into a more cost effective site design solution, taking into account all site factors (engineering, site walks, licenses, delivery, PM, and site construction). And a more cost effective site solution translates into dollars saved - which is what the customer is truly interested in!

3. Be creative. Sometimes our customers uncover a need that is unique and different, such as one recent COW configuration that requires multiple technologies with many different antenna configurations. Instead of loading down the mast with too many antennas which would seriously degrade wind loading, we took advantage of another Pepro strength (quickly raise and lower a mast) to suggest less antennas and as changes are needed, lower the mast to do the rework- and then raise the antenna back up. This reduced the number of antennas in half.

Being creative in our thinking helps customers solve problems, and lets your team know we are happy to put the work in to make a Pepro system work for you.

We’d rather put time into finding a solution than let you down.

4. Let them know we’re flexible. Sometimes our customers ask for solutions that are not part of our standard design, like 50-cycle power input or extra transmission cable.

Being flexible, while maintaining the Pepro strengths and not compromising on our robust values, can go a long way to reassuring everyone we are on the same team.

Choosing Pepro means you get a Pepro solution for you need, not just what Pepro happens to make.

*5. Understand the decision maker and follow-ups. *

Sometimes the decision makers and decision influencers aren’t obvious, even to those in the organization.

It can take weeding through the organization to determine who writes the specifications and who authorizes the funds on the solution. Both are equally important and need to be spoken to in order to communicate the Pepro Value Proposition to either get the Pepro specs designed in, or to ensure that the funds authorizer receives the value that he or she pays for.

Understanding the decision maker will 'make a difference' in a successful sale or not. Constant contact with the right follow-ups never hurts your chances.

Follow these 5 tips and you will reap the benefits you know Pepro will provide for your organization.

- John Potocki