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August 2018


Did You Know?
A solar storm capable of knocking out communications on earth may come with only 24 hours notice.

In This Issue:

  • Come See Us at the Modern Day Marine Show
  • News Flash
  • Goodbye to a Dear Friend
  • Pepro Nano Radio Site
  • Pepro Shelter Withstands Massive Lightning Strike at Forest Service Site

Come See Us at the Modern Day Marine Show

Unfortunately, APCO didn't work out for our schedule this year, but we're going to be in Quantico, Virginia for the Modern Day Marine Show, September 25-27, at Lejeune Field, MCB Quantico. We hope to see you there!

RCR Wireless
High-speed Wi-Fi at ag research center may be blueprint for rural communities

A newly installed Wi-Fi network at agricultural research center in California may enable researchers to view field data in real time while serving as a proof-of-concept for rural communities needing low-cost Internet access.

Mission Critical Communications
Mitigating Interference in Crowded Spectrum

Bryant said that “while there are still gaps in understanding and agreement during these in-person meetings on what the final network will look like, how much it will cost for public safety to use and the network’s exact coverage areas, these are exactly the types of questions that should be—and are being—asked and debated at state consultations throughout the country. Public safety must be included in these conversations and we appreciate FirstNet’s engagement with the public-safety community over the past year.”

Mission Critical Communications
Government Lawyers Say FirstNet Network is Still Not Operational

Government attorneys reiterated in a court filing that the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) is not yet operational. The filing came in response to a filing from Vermont residents Dave Gram and Stephen Whitaker arguing that the government had failed to inform the court that the NPSBN was operational.

Government Technology
Pennsylvania Cities Voice Concerns Around 5G Bill, Loss of Local Control

A bipartisan group of 35 Pennsylvania House members, led by Rep. Frank Farry (R., Langhorne), are sponsoring legislation that would grease the bureaucratic wheels in local governments so that wireless companies can place thousands of 5G mini-cell antennas near roads, or in other publicly controlled rights of way.

Goodbye to a Dear Friend

It is the nature of small family businesses for close friendships and bonds to form. Pepro is no exception. With close friendships comes the difficult task of saying goodbye to those that leave, whether it is through a job change or the unthinkable...a death. On July 3rd Pepro said goodbye to a dear friend and colleague, Jeffrey Kahle, who passed away from cancer. Jeff had been the Sales Manager for Pepro since September 8, 2005. For many years, Jeff and Vic Garmong, owner/founder were the Pepro Sales team. Through their hard work and dedication, many strong relationships were built for the company. The key to Jeff’s success as a salesman was to treat everyone like a friend. It wasn’t a sales method for him, it was genuinely how he felt. Jeff found his energy through the people he met. Each trade show became a reunion for past customers who just wanted to hang out at Pepro’s booth... but really to hang out with Jeff. He greeted each person with a welcoming, often exuberant, handshake; and if there was teasing, then you were one of his favorites.

Personally, there are so many things in a day that make me think of Jeff, right now they each bring a pang of sadness, but I know that in time they will be the moments which will bring a smile. IWCE next year will be a difficult one. It will be the first one without Jeff. He was a great role model for meeting people. Jeff not only remembered their names, but he remembered their stories. But, I will also miss his coaching at the $3 dollar Blackjack table on at least one night after the show (two if we were lucky enough to find an open table).

Some other lessons I learned from Jeff: You can argue and still be friends; Family comes first; Never take the best parking spot; and finally sometimes you just have to stir the pot.
We had a conversation on more than one occasion, about what we would do in retirement. I remember so clearly what Jeff said his dream job in retirement would be...he said he wanted to be the guy on the beach (Hawaii at the time) that rented the big shade umbrellas to the tourists. That is where I’d like to think he is right now, on a white sandy beach, with crystal blue water, in flip-flops and a straw hat teasing some unsuspecting tourist.

- Kelly Lander, President of Pepro, LLC

The Pepro Nano Radio Site

The Pepro Nano Radio Site is designed to provide a complete site solution in a compact, lightweight unit, offering the highest level of protection with the lowest completed cost. Like all other Pepro enclosures, the Nano Radio Site provides shielding against lightning, Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) through the use of Faraday Cage technology. The fully-integrated site is ideal for hard to reach locations and situations where limited range technology leaves coverage gaps. It can easily be delivered and deployed by two people. The lightweight all-aluminum welded uni-body design allows the site to be deployed by ATV, pickup truck, or helicopter to a wide range of locations. It requires no foundation or excavation, which eliminates the need for geotechnical, environmental impact, and archeological studies. Available sizes and dimensions range from 5 RU (26 3/4"W x 18"H x 31"L) to 25RU (26 3/4"W x 53"H x 31"L).

Pepro Shelter Withstands Massive Lightning Strike at Forest Service Site

Marc Kaschmitter, acting telecommunications contracting officer representative for the USDA Forest Service, has a story to tell about working with Pepro. He's used Pepro shelters for years, flown sites in with helicopters, has installed sites with difficult location requirements, but has one story in particular that demonstrates why he continues to rely on Pepro to protect sensitive radio equipment. Roughly a year ago, a lightning strike hit a tower at Coffin Mountain with enough energy to shoot a nearby 200 pound boulder out of the ground. It vaporized the elements in the antenna and feet of the center conductor in the feedline, and inside the unit, there wasn't even enough electricity to trip a fuse. "It was amazing how well the Faraday Cage actually acted in dispersing the lighting energy to ground. The PolyPhasers were still in tact."

Given his experience with even just the Coffin Mountain site, his trust in Pepro is understandable. "We evaluate the site access, what the needs are, how many radios, and if all the boxes are checked, we go with Pepro," said Kaschmitter. "The reasons why we go with Pepro are the Faraday Cage technology, the ease of deployment and the building will last. The staff sees the quality in them."

Tell Us Your Lightning Story

Have you had a site suffer from the effects of lightning? Visit our submission page or send us an email with your story to be included in a future edition of the Pepro Update!