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  • Urgent Communications Writes About the HCLP-600 Launch

    Apr 07, 2015

    Urgent Communications just posted a great article on the launch of the HCLP-600.

  • Should we worry about an EMP attack on the US?

    Aug 28, 2014

    Despite being an identified and fairly well known threat for more than a decade, little has been done to address EMP attacks specifically. By detonating a nuclear missile orbiting over the US, enemies would cause little physical damage, but sensitive electronics would be destroyed coast to coast, disabling our electric, communications, energy and other vital networks.

  • FirstNet's Goals Shouldn't Include Voice

    Aug 04, 2014

    Taking voice off the list of goals for the current deadlines also allows FirstNet more time to find the partners it needs and provide assurances that its voice capabilities meet all of the needed specifications without holding up all of the many data benefits of LTE. There is still time to make FirstNet a fantastic development in the world of public safety communication, but there is clearly not enough time to make the market believe it is ready to be the voice carrier we all need it to be.

  • Pasadena, Texas chooses Pepro's Site on Wheels

    Aug 04, 2014

    Robert Hemminger, emergency management coordinator for the City of Pasadena, Texas oversees the community's comprehensive Emergency Management Program and Disaster Response activities. According to Hemminger, the Pepro "Site On Wheels" provides the capability to move radio system infrastructure to an area of the city experiencing poor public safety radio reception, or to augment existing infrastructure in the case of damage caused by a natural or man-made disaster.

  • Hardening Sites Means Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario

    Mar 25, 2014

    First responders should never have to ask "can you hear me now?" The commercial networks are only as useful to public safety communications as their performance in a worst case scenario. Assets and systems, no matter how useful in optimal conditions, should not be introduced unless we know we can rely on them in a crisis.

  • 11 Sites installed across seven states in two months

    Dec 20, 2013

    Pepro installed eleven radio sites in national parks and forests in seven states including California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

  • Pepro discusses the future of public safety communications with industry leaders

    Dec 20, 2013

    Pepro recently attended the three day PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research) workshop at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Boulder, Colodaro. Representatives from public safety, industry, government, and academia gathered there to help shape the PSCR’s public safety broadband agenda by identifying productive areas for research to improve communications in the next five to ten year, understand which areas aren't addressed by current research projects, and prepare future investments in staff and equipment.

  • Report from the Field - Boston

    Jul 01, 2013

    If you've been to the 4th of July fireworks from Boston's Hatch Memorial Shell, or even seen them on TV, you've witnessed an event made safer by Pepro's mobile radio site, and you can thank a gusty wind on Cape Cod 10 years ago for the added protection. Elliot Derdak, Communications Systems Engineer at Boston EMS, explains that he went to a conference there to find a rugger mobile shelter that could serve the needs of 61 cities and towns in the greater Boston area.

  • Report from the Field - Wyoming

    Jul 01, 2013

    Over the past six years, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been evaluating its radio sites to find and fix the specific risks that compromise the reliability of our communications infrastructure. The audit phase is due to be completed at the end of this year, at which point all BLM owned and leased radio sites, nationwide, will be inspected by specialists in condition assessment, but that doesn’t mean all sites can wait that long for attention.

  • Report From the Field - Abajo Peak

    May 17, 2013

    Abajo Peak is the highest point in the Abajo Mountains. Located in southeast Utah, this isolated mountain group rises prominently above the town of Monticello, and is an oasis of greenery in the Utah desert. The summit provides a panoramic view of southeastern Utah, Colorado, and the Four Corners region where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico meet.