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Mar 06, 2018 | Posted in News

IWCE Booth # 369, LAS VEGAS, March 5, 2018 -- Pepro LLC (, the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for electronics, announces availability of the new Pepro Nano Radio Site, designed to provide a complete site solution in a compact, lightweight unit, offering the highest level of protection with the lowest completed cost.

Like all other Pepro enclosures, the Nano Radio Site provides shielding against lightning, Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) through the use of Faraday Cage technology. The fully integrated site is ideal for hard to reach locations and situations where limited range technology leaves coverage gaps. It can easily be delivered and deployed by two people.

“The Nano Radio Site provides coverage where larger units are impractical, allowing companies, government agencies and others to install shielded sites where they couldn’t before,” said Kelly Lander, president of Pepro LLC. “This unit provides all of the protection of our largest enclosures while being exceptionally easy to transport and install. It’s especially useful in short-range applications where a number of smaller sites can provide better coverage than one large central site.”

The lightweight all-aluminum welded uni-body design allows the site to be deployed by ATV, pickup truck, or helicopter to a wide range of locations. It requires no foundation or excavation, which eliminates the need for geotechnical, environmental impact, and archeological studies. Available sizes and dimensions range from 5 RU (26 3/4"W x 18"H x 31"L) to 25RU (26 3/4"W x 53"H x 31"L).

As with all Pepro products, the Nano Radio Site is designed for reliability and durability. The equipment stored inside the integrated cabinet is protected by Pepro’s patented Faraday Cage technology for shielding against lightning strikes, Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Passive Intermodulation (PMI), and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

Pepro has provided shielded enclosures for 25 years without a single loss of protected equipment. Every Pepro shelter meets rigorous testing standards, sustaining a one million volt, 82,000 amp direct strike with less than ten micro joules entering the enclosure.

About Pepro
Pepro,LLC ( is the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications. The company has provided state-of-the-art deployable radio sites without loss or failure since the company’s founding in 1992, a record of reliability attributable, in part, to a patented Faraday cage system to protect from lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), electromagnetic interferences (EMI), and radio frequency interferences (RFI). Pepro provides services to public utilities & public safety offices, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Homeland Security, states & local governments, Motorola and other organizations requiring a secure enclosure for sensitive electronic, computer, and radio equipment. Pepro, LLC is a veteran-owned small business located in Oil City, Pennsylvania.