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Mar 05, 2018 | Posted in News

IWCE Booth # 369, LAS VEGAS, March 5, 2018 -- Pepro LLC (, the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for electronics, announces a new service to commercial enterprises, integrators and government agencies providing custom engineered solutions based on Pepro’s core shielding technology and quality manufacturing.

These entities occasionally need Pepro’s patented shielding for sensitive communications equipment, but find its products don’t meet their specifications. Pepro’s team of engineers will work with them to develop custom solutions to meet any need.

“For some time, companies and agencies have come to us with unique situations that call for new answers, and we have developed new products to meet their needs in the past, but now we are formalizing this effort to produce new solutions faster,” said Kelly Lander, president of Pepro LLC. “Our expertise in shielding and manufacturing has a wide range of applications, and no one needs to feel limited to the products we have already specified.”

Pepro’s patented Faraday Cage technology for shielding against lightning strikes, Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Passive Intermodulation (PMI), and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) has protected sensitive communications equipment for 25 years without a single loss. Every Pepro shelter meets rigorous testing standards, sustaining a one million volt, 82,000 amp direct strike with less than ten micro joules entering the enclosure.

About Pepro
Pepro,LLC ( is the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications. The company has provided state-of-the-art deployable radio sites without loss or failure since the company’s founding in 1992, a record of reliability attributable, in part, to a patented Faraday cage system to protect from lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), electromagnetic interferences (EMI), and radio frequency interferences (RFI). Pepro provides services to public utilities & public safety offices, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Homeland Security, states & local governments, Motorola and other organizations requiring a secure enclosure for sensitive electronic, computer, and radio equipment. Pepro, LLC is a veteran-owned small business located in Oil City, Pennsylvania.