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Should we worry about an EMP attack on the US?

Aug 28, 2014 | Posted in -- The Pepro Blog

Several recent articles, including this one from the Wall Street Journal warn of the continued threat posed by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) driven attack on the US. Despite being an identified and fairly well known threat for more than a decade, little has been done to address EMP attacks specifically. By detonating a nuclear missile orbiting over the US, enemies would cause little physical damage, but sensitive electronics would be destroyed coast to coast, disabling our electric, communications, energy and other vital networks.

Protecting the country's first responder and public safety communications networks is Pepro's primary business, and we have been aware of the threat posed by EMP since well before the 2004 report from the congressional EMP Commission. A well-built Faraday cage is a powerful defense against an EMP attack. Our Faraday cage shelters, for example, have been tested and proven to withstand the effects of electromagnetic pulses without allowing harm to sensitive electronics inside the shelter.

Protecting the country's first responder networks is a critical ingredient in maintaining order and safety through the first hours and days following an attack. It takes more than just maintaining operational electronics. For example, power for tower sites and back up radios for emergency response teams must be considered, but without service at the tower sites, a successful EMP attack could immediately put our best hope for order out of commission.

We agree that the entirety of our infrastructure should be addressed in a thoughtful and comprehensive security strategy, and our experience in protecting radio sites from the threat of an EMP attack provides us with confidence that it can be done.