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Pasadena, Texas chooses Pepro's Site on Wheels

Aug 04, 2014 | Posted in -- The Pepro Blog

Situated on the gulf coast of Texas, Pasadena is home to important segments of the country's petroleum, aerospace and healthcare industries. The city has much to be proud of, and protect from hurricanes and other threats. In 2011, the city received a grant to upgrade its radio infrastructure from the US Department of Homeland Security and purchased Pepro's mobile unit as part of that upgrade. The city hadn't used any mobile radio infrastructure equipment before.

Robert Hemminger, emergency management coordinator for the City of Pasadena, Texas oversees the community's comprehensive Emergency Management Program and Disaster Response activities. According to Hemminger, the Pepro "Site On Wheels" provides the capability to move radio system infrastructure to an area of the city experiencing poor public safety radio reception, or to augment existing infrastructure in the case of damage caused by a natural or man-made disaster.

"Our ability to deploy the site to any affected area of our region and quickly enable public safety radio communications in a stricken community is an important additional benefit of the mobile platform," added Hemminger. "Pepro's employees were extremely helpful in the implementation of this new technology. They provided on-site instruction and training covering set-up, deployment, and equipment care and maintenance."