Pepro LLC

Pepro Eases Regulatory Concerns

Pepro eases environmental and regulatory concerns with its faraday cage design. Its unique, patented system does not require the ground to be disturbed at all. The self contained enclosures sit on concrete pads placed on the ground, with all required grounding provided by the enclosures themselves. As a result, customers meet environmental, zoning and other regulations without the delays and man hours for technical consultations, excavation, testing or other requirements typically needed for site installations.

In addition to delays and additional costs, regulatory concerns, including those listed below, can shorten windows for site installation, increase paperwork, require scheduling time with specialized technicians or local authorities and severely restrict available locations. In many cases, using a Pepro shelter allows construction to move ahead with no regulatory surveys or inspections at all.

Pepro can help mitigate costs and concerns related to regulations in the following areas:

  • Water quality
  • Surface water quality
  • Threatened and Endangered Species and Critical Habitat
  • Historic Properties
  • Environmental Justice
  • Officially Designated Wilderness Areas
  • Officially Designated Wildlife Reserve
  • Endangered Species or Critical Habitats
  • Indian Religious Sites
  • Significant Change in Surface Features
  • National Scenic and Historic Trails
  • Archeological
  • Geotechnical
  • Local Zoning