Pepro LLC

Design Features

List of features included in all Pepro enclosures:

6x6x8 Walk-In Remote Shelter

8'×8'x8' Remote Mountaintop Communication Shelter - Ajo Mountain

  1. An I-beam/channel sub-frame welded to the rest of the enclosure to provide additional mass to dissipate energy from external threats like lightning. Additionally, this provides structural strength to support heavy floor loading.
  2. Lightning arrestors incorporated into the power module transfers any surge current onto the shell of the power module and enclosure.
  3. A Power Filter keeps RFI and EMI from entering the enclosure on the power cable.
  4. Shielding material dampens magnetic fields and prevents magnetic fields generated in the power module from entering the enclosure.
  5. Honeycomb, cross-cell filters on all air entry ports prevent EMI and RFI from entering the enclosure.
  6. Twin seal gasketing in the doors for protection at that entry point.
  7. Pepro's patented cable entry glands incorporated to seal all through-hole points.
  8. Optional patented unguyed articulated tower. (Meets TIA/EIA-222-G Windload Standard)

Pepro's Integrated Fixed Radio Sites are a complete site solution: Shielded enclosure, Tower, Anchoring and Grounding Systems.

  • The innovative anchoring system can be adapted to any terrain and requires no foundation or excavation.
  • Enclosures are customized to meet equipment needs, with the lowest completed cost in the industry.
  • Complete system can be deployed to any location, no matter how remote or harsh, in less than a day.
24x24x8 Walk-In Communication Shelter

24'×24'×8' Walk-In Communication Shelter

Pepro's mobile units are designed around the same criteria, and is mounted on a heavy duty trailer.

  • Mobile units provide the same level of performance as the stationary models, and are deployable on a moment’s notice to any location.
  • Can provide mission critical communication equipment to areas on an “as needed” basis (i.e. disaster areas, major events, etc.)
  • Large selection of sizes to accomplish any mission critical situation.
Commander 650LP's

Commander 650LP Mobile Units

Pepro Towers

All Pepro towers feature an unguyed articulated design that can withstand up to 120 mph winds, depending on deployment configuration. Our towers will accommodate multiple antennas with vertical separation. Antenna harnesses are custom made for each customer and permanently affixed to the tower. Antenna mounting and radio ‘tuning’ adjustments are safe and easy, and can be done from the ground increasing safety and saving costly installation time.